The New World Spanish/English,English/Spanish Dictionary: Second Edition

The New World Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary Second Edition One of the most comprehensive mass market Spanish English English Spanish dictionaries available includes than seventy thousand entries with than three thousand entries that have been added expande

  • Title: The New World Spanish/English,English/Spanish Dictionary: Second Edition
  • Author: Salvatore Ramondino
  • ISBN: 0451181689
  • Page: 152
  • Format:
  • One of the most comprehensive mass market Spanish English, English Spanish dictionaries available includes than seventy thousand entries, with than three thousand entries that have been added, expanded, or rewritten to reflect contemporary Spanish vocabulary Reissue.

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    • Percepción:Este diccionario está bastante bien, y mucho mejor que otros diccionarios más caros, que ocupan mucho más espacio y de que han publicado otras editoriales con un supuesto mejor prestigio. Indispensable tanto para angloparlantes para aprender o mejorar su español/castellano, como para hispanohablantes que quieren aprender o mejorar su inglés. Hay que decir, que más específicamente este diccionario no es del tipo de español de España (aunque también tiene cosas), ni del ingl [...]

    • As mentioned by other reviewers what could be an ideal midsize study dictionary small enough to easily browse as the one-stop shop for looking up words in either language is hampered by the inexplicable decision not to include the gender of Spanish nouns when looking up words in the English-Spanish section. I own the Oxford New Spanish Dictionary, Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, and Merriam-Webster's Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary, all 3 of which are smaller but include the [...]

    • Heaven's sentAs a native Spanish speaking, a Senior, with no much time to Google words, it comes extremely handy for quick translations, ~ as I use both, English and Spanish, on my FB. page ~ delighted and grateful that I could find The New World and Salvatore Ramondino Second Edition, A must to have when one has a profound interest in both languages

    • Pretty upset with the "definitions" some words have (some do not have any at all). If you're looking for the definition of a word in Spanish, guess what, you have to look for that word in the English section to get the definition of it IN SPANISH! It is a lot of back and forth and it drives me nuts but my kids seem to enjoy doing the extra work so they can learn new words.I was hoping it would be separate sections with the words and definitions in that specific language not how it is.Other than [...]

    • Yes, there are a couple of problems. Occasionally, the English translation is more Spanglish than correct, but the bigger problem, which has already been mentioned, is the lack of gender indication for the Spanish translation of English nouns. In spite of that, however, this is a dictionary that emphasizes "New World" Spanish. I often find it helpful to consult this dictionary (for the New World) along with another, more traditional dictionary, that tends to give a more European version.

    • Dictionaries aren't meant to be especially entertaining, merely informative at a very basic level. This one is well done and of course goes both directions with English and Spanish.Like any dictionary, it has limitations; you must know the word and its approximate spelling before you start, it's not a substitute for a Berlitz or Rosetta Stone course.It is a handy guide in a size which fits your travel bags or attache, even a large purse as you tour a culture (Spanish or English) which mystifies [...]

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